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Chronic Tide


The Band
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Kyle, Kai, and Paul

Chronic Tide History
Chronic Tide all began in the Summer of 2004 when
Kai Morgan (Drums/Vocals) and Corey Conrad (Lead Guitar/Vocals) decided to start a band.  Over the following Winter they picked up Matt Umholtz (Bass/Keyboard) and Paul Burinda (Rhythm Guitar).
Since they had started, they performed at various occasions within the area including "Relay for Life '05".  In October of 2005 they performed at the Hegins Inn.  The following Winter Corey Conrad quit to pursue a solo career.
Early Spring of 2006, Kyle McNamara is welcomed into Chronic Tide, turning the trio back in to 4 piece band. 
Early Summer of 2006, Byron Wagner is welcomed in to Chronic Tide replacing Matt Umholtz.
Mid Summer 2006 with a job at stake, a child, and broken transmission, Byron makes the decision to move to Tamaqua where his job is and leaving Chronic Tide
to a three piece band.  With the rest of the summer
perfomances, a satisfying show is guaranteed.

Chronic Tide