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Chronic Tide

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Are You Ready For The Tide?
Welcome to Chronic Tide's Website!
          A Rock Band from Valley View, PA

Jan. 1, 05
Chronic Tide is starting the new year off reformed.
Corey Conrad has decided to leave the band. 
The new debut album currently in process is
"Vintage with a taste of sorrow".
Feb. 24-28, 06
Kai embarked on a 2 week trip to Germany, Czech Republic and Poland.
March 11, 06
Chronic Tide welcomes Kyle McNamara, a Guitar Player, into the band.  More info later
March 19, 06
Chronic Tide recording restarts
May 20, 06
Chronic Tide plays at McNamara's place after the prom 
June 18, 06
Chronic Tide rocks Relay for Life with new Bass guitar player Byron Wagner, and later practically sets the stage on fire as the opening act for Somber at the Hegins Inn.
July 17, 06
Chronic Tide entertains the intoxicated while performing a 2 set show at Jon Morgan's third annual Main Street Bash,
though with things evening out, Byron moves on to live in Tamaqua, with respect from his previous band members.
plenty thanks go out not only to Byron, but to all past members of chronic tide, for adding to their time and patience in crafting what this band is today.
Aug. 21, 06
Chronic Tide performs at Toys for Tots charity in Columbia, PA.  Many thanks goes to Bill Perkins and Booking Agent Fred Clousher.
Sept. 9th, 06
Derek Herb is welcomed as a bassist

Chronic Tide - Kyle, Kai, and Paul

Chronic Tide of Valley View, PA